My Story

My mother and step-father packed up the U-Haul and moved my sisters, brother, and myself to Venice back in 1982.   It was the summer before my sophomore year at Venice High School.  We moved to Pinebrook, which is where I live today.   Not in the same house, but a couple blocks away.   

I graduated from VHS in 1985 and went on to attend MCC for two-years, as I worked for the Publix Bakery on the island.   During that time, I met my wife some 34 years ago, at a house party on Golden Beach.   After I finished my two years at MCC, I joined the US Navy.   I had just proposed to Lisa and I saw joining the US Navy as a way to finish up my four-year degree.

Lisa and I married and made the move to Patuxent River, where I served out my four years in the Navy.   During that time, I would work all day in the Navy and then head off to school at the University of Maryland.   I graduated from UMD with a BS in Business Management and then started some graduate work at FIT. 

Once I got out of the Navy, we moved back to Florida, where I worked as a restaurant Manager.  Very low pay and a ton of hours.   I ended up working for GTE as a Retail Sales Rep, then an Outside Sales Executive, and finally as a Sales Manager.

During that time, I decided to venture out on my own and started Telfonix Medical Consulting, which I have owned and operated for about twenty years.  

About ten years ago, I started The Scoop News.  It is an online news site where I cover news that impacts the Suncoast.   During this time three of my stories have gone international and about eleven have gone national.   It has become a site that is monitored by the local media, governments, businesses, and individuals.   Within the Venice area it has become a news source that more people turn too, instead of the Gondo.   That brings up my next point, which covers the Gondo.   When I ran against Holic, the wrote several hit pieces on me, in addition to not even listing me as a Mayoral Candidate.   Their reporter Greg Giles is up to his old tricks again, which I discovered through a FOIA request, so expect the hit pieces in this run against Daniels.   What they did not disclose is that the Gondo tried to get all the other media operations to come against me and shut The Scoop down.   They did not want to get involved so the Gondo threatened to file suit against me and started a campaign of harassment.   I think it is important for people to know this, when they read an editorial that are put out, covering my bid to be the next Mayor of Venice.

I have two daughters Isabella and Francesca.   Francesca graduates this year from VHS and is heading off to college.   Isabella graduated from USF at 19, after taking advantage of dual enrollment while at VHS.  I am still married to Lisa and we will be celebrating our thirtieth wedding anniversary on November 4th, the day after this election.

Well that is an overview of what I am all about and I hope it answers any question that you may have about who I am and my connection to Venice.