Bob Daniels

In Bob’s nine years as a City of Venice Council Member he has consistently voted in favor of Boone’s clients

This page is a work in progress. I am going through all the minutes for the past nine years, to show how Bob has votes on the issues. He is presenting himself as an environmentalist, for sustainable development, and fiscal responsibility; which runs contrary to how Bob has voted over the past nine years. This new founded love for the environment, fiscal responsibility, and sustainable growth started a few months ago as he ramp up his run to be the next Mayor of Venice.


All of this information comes directly form the minutes that are taken at every regular meeting and in some cases from articles, where Bob is quoted.

  • As you can see, I was accurate with my concerns when I put out the video report at the bottom, which was seen by over 30,000 people. Holic, Clinch, Daniels and many more stated I was fake news, it appears that my report was dead on………
  • In 2012 Bob was quoted in a Herald article regarding the outflow pipes polluting our waterways.  Bob state “We shouldn’t be taking this long to respond” to the problem, said council member Bob Daniels, who last year presented the board with a middle school student’s science project which concluded the outfalls on the beach were the problem. Herald.  So, Bob knew that the outflow pipes were a leading source of pollution back in 2012 and for seven years he did not act until it was time to position himself to be the next Mayor of Venice.
    • That was in 2012, why did it take Bob six years to finally act, under pressure from the public?
    • Why did Bob discount my (Frankie Abbruzzino) video report covering the issue, when he knew they outflows were leading to pollution?
    • Did Bob know the outflow water was not being tested until recently, which came to everybody’s attention in May 2019, in an email by Mayor Holic
  • In 2011 the city council that Bob was a part of pulled out of the statewide storm water treatment
    • Why did Bob vote in favor of this harmful action?
    • Why did it take Bob 8.5 years of being in office, to finally decide that the city needed to be a part of this?
  • 18-3261 Direct Staff to Develop a Resolution that Adopts a Target Date for Powering Municipal Operations to 100 Percent Renewable, Zero Emission Energy Sources and Assign the Environmental Advisory Board the Task of City of Venice Page 4 of 6 Printed on 4/23/2018 City Council Meeting Agenda April 24, 2018 Working with City Staff to Devise Strategies for Implementation
    • Why did Bob vote against this?
  • 17-2463 Water Conservation (Fraize).  The city appears to be wasting water through flushing out lines that are dead ended in various communities. One small community has to flush about 8,000 gallons a year because of two dead end lines. The water is flushed into the storm water drains. The city codes should be more stringent when it comes to design of water lines, so water is not wasted. Water bills keep going up, maybe if we were more consecutive, we might be able to keep costs down for the Taxpayers.
    • Why did Bob vote against this?
  • Venice Island beautification.  I checked the minutes and did not see anybody pushing Florida Friendly Landscaping.
    • Why didn’t Bob push for this initiative?  I have noticed that Bob is pushing for it now, since you are running for Mayor, but Bob was not pushing for it prior to that decision.
  • -Develop a Florida Yards Code for new developments
    • Bob has been in office for nine years, why haven’t you proposed this before his decision to run for Mayor?

Fiscal Responsibility

It was shown that just on water and sewer consultants the city has spent over $11 million on consultants, since Bob has been in office.   That is not including every other consultant, which would probably push the total over $20 million.  Contrary to Bob’s denial of pushing for consultant, Bob just asked for one to see if it made sense to impose impact fees on new developments.   I can’t forget the time the city employees found that going from twice a week garbage pickup to once a week will not save money, Bob decided that he wanted another opinion and another consultant was brought in, costing the city over $20k..

  • Bob sated recently that you are against always turning to bringing in a consultant, how can you state that when Bob’s name is behind so many of these requests?

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Venice taking over EMS has so many issues.  Medical billing concerns, the response time disconnect, and how the city will make so much when the county loses so much.   Bob’s vote was primarily based upon saving lives and relied heavily on the response time.   This number changes based upon the variables and even though there was a disconnect, Bob did not ask for a break down to see why there is a disconnect.  

  • Why didn’t Bob ask for the details regarding this and the other disconnects with the response time to the revenues, prior to pushing forward with it?

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I wrote an article regarding the higher-level City of Venice Executives and how much they were being paid.   Their pay scale is significantly higher than the national average.   Bob stated that they were high, but they were inline with local averages.   Bob did not comment on the fact that in many cases there is a Manager, Assistant Managers, and Supervisors in positions; yet so many chiefs is not the norm.   Bob supported the wages stating that the city wanted quality individuals, such as the City Manager and Assistant City Manager that are being paid over $300k combined.  

  • Does Bob really believe that you could not find a City Manager that could do better at a lower cost?  I ask knowing that Bob has documented concerns with the current City Managers performance in the past, which I do not believe were unfounded.

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Sustainable Development

I am combing through the minutes but I can tell you so far that Bob has always voted in favor of Jeff Boone’s clients. Yes, the developers love Bob for one reason and that is his pro aggressive development votes.

Bob has state that he is for managed growth.   I am having a hard time buying into this, since I checked the minutes going back years and I do not recall seeing any votes against annexation or legislation that would be deemed pro-growth when Jeff Boone represented the developer.  He has gone against a developer, when the Jeff Boone represented the party the developer was going up against, as in the case with Murphy Oaks. 

  • How do Bob plan on providing diverse housing?  
  • Will Bob push to have the city council define affordable housing, versus having the developers define it for you?
  • Bob wants LDR’s to eliminate the ability to change variances.   This conflicts with Bob’s actions over the past nine years, according to the minutes that I reviewed.   They indicate that you have rarely voted against variance changes.   Please explain this new position.
  • Bob states that traffic control must be considered.   Will Bob ask for studies that are during season and will you look at all development within a defined area or just the development that is before Bob and that their traffic projections?
  • Why did Bob vote for a Comp Plan that dropped the acceptable road rating for the city?   Basically, this allows the roads to get even worse, without having to act.
  • Why hasn’t bob actively been for collecting impact fees on new developments, until after your decision to run for Mayor?