I thought the best way to sum up where I stand on the issues, is to attach links to the different articles that I have written. The articles go back ten years, so I can’t put them all, so I will put some of the more recent articles over the past three years.

I can state that I have been a leader going back ten years, fighting against polluting the Gulf with the outflows along the ICW and Gulf. As a surfer, that has battled two infections after cutting my food and calf in the water, it has been an issue that deeply concerns me. My opponent Bob Daniels has done everything possible not to take action against the pollution, until he started ramping up his campaign for Mayor and then his position drastically changed. Regarding my other opponent Ron Feinsod, well he has no track record, due to limited involvement in local issues.

Sustainable Development

Fiscal Responsibility

This shows I was right about my concern with the water coming out of the outflows. Something Holic, Daniels and Clinch ridiculed me for…… Where is my apology now?

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Frankie Abbruzzino’s Response to the Hands Along the Water Candidate Questionnaire

S. Jetty closed for the fireworks and Venice Beach has a swim advisory to fecal matter. 

Two beaches in Venice and one in Sarasota issues swim advisories, due to high fecal matter.   Those damn seagull’s.  

The Venice pier advisory is lifted.  Will the city act on this negative outflow report or do nothing like in 2012?

Dr. Tracy Fanara:  Do not fertilize during rainy season (video)

Chocolate milk: Sustainable Development, Environmentally Friendly Policies, and Fiscal Responsibility  

Venice:  How comfortable are you with the city disregarding health concerns over economical advantages, when they chose to use PVC to route the cities drinking water?

Hands Along The Sand – Venice

A call for the City of Venice to follow in Fort Myers Beach footsteps and ban products like Roundup that contain glyphosate

Sarasota County is presented with a $310 million dollar water quality improvement plan

Venice:  City Engineer informs the Mayor that the water coming outflows was not tested, until they just ordered the initial test a couple months ago

Study finds chemicals in drinking water in 43 states. There are issues within Sarasota County, according to EWG’s previous analysis

Venice:  Bob Daniels campaign for Mayor will focus on funding the fire department and the hurricane shelter build out.  No mention of water quality?

Councilman Daniels knew about the outflow issue in 2012, so why has it taken him six years to act now on the outflow pipe question?

Reflecting back on my paddle down the ICW yesterday, wondering if all the outflow pipes I came across are contributing to our polluted waterways

Venice paid employee indicates facts are being misrepresented, then he misrepresents what was stated by The Scoop News and tries to sell the outflow pipe water as just rain water and lush landscaping surrounding it

City of Venice and Sarasota to consider using water goats to cut down on the flow of trash into the Gulf 

Holic calls for a factual reply by the city to accusations that Venice is a habitual offender of dumping sewage into the waterway

Venice:  Residents voice concerns with Holic’s handling of outflow pollution into the Gulf

Residents voice concerns that the City of Venice is using sod that requires fertilizer for beautification

Are the fact sheets that the City of Venice is pushing out, more about getting the facts out or pushing a narrative out to the public?

Should Venice put rezoning request on a ballot, like they are with the Mote property on Longboat Key?

Venice:  Just over nine months until the next Mayoral election and the crony establishment candidates are salivating at the chance to be your next Mayor

Venice: Concern that several environmental Issues that had been presented and voted on at the council meeting, without input from the Environmental Advisory Board