I have written several articles covering the fiscal irresponsibility within the City of Venice.   Articles like my piece that covered consulting fees during Bob Daniels term as a City Council Member hovering around $20,000,000.   One story covers how the city analyzed twice a week garbage pickup, compared to once a week.  The city came back stating that there is no financial benefit changing to once a week pickup.   Well, that did not fit Bob’s narrative, so he demanded a consultant.   I do not recall the amount spent, but it was well in excess of $20,000 and the results came back supporting the cities original analysis.   Money wasted once again. Regarding my other opponent Ron Feinsod, well he has no track record, due to limited involvement in local issues.

Regarding my other opponent Ron Feinsod, well he has no track record, due to limited involvement in local issues.


Sustainable Development

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Chocolate milk: Sustainable Development, Environmentally Friendly Policies, and Fiscal Responsibility  

The City of Venice’s EMS vote may be of interest to city resident and will impact others in the immediate area.

Venice:  The numbers from the COV 2019 budget disproves Holic’s defense of growth as a money maker 

Wait, the $11,000,000 spent on consultants during team Holic’s (Daniels, Gates, and Holic) nine years is only the beginning, that was only for water and sewer advice.

Venice:  Over $11,000,000 has been spent on consultants since Team Holic (Daniels, Gates, & Holic) took office

Venice Councilman Daniels appears to have no issue with paying the city administrators salaries at the top end of the scale

Venice: Holic calls for talks with Sarasota County about funding a dual-purpose hurricane shelter and sports complex building in Wellfield, for pickle-ball and tennis

Mayor Holic proclaims he has made no money based upon his decisions as the Mayor, but what about his undisclosed ownership in Fineus T. Bone?

Will Venice approve spending over $222k on surveillance cameras for Venice Ave, the jetty, the pier/Fins, and the Airport this week?

How is it that the City of Venice can pay a lobbyist $249,999 over four years and the Mayor does not know their name or what he is lobbying for on the cities behalf?

City of Venice needs to hire a consultant to see if collecting impact fees on new developments makes sense

Venice talking about the tax increase to fund the fire department, that was redirected elsewhere

Venice to hold an executive session to figure out what to do with the money owed back, after losing a mitigation fee suit to Neal Homes

After reviewing the Sarasota County Fire Departments presentation on the recurring losses operating EMS, one must wonder why the City of Venice voted to move forward with taking it over

Venice: Bob Daniels blames red tide and not fiscal spending for revenue shortfalls and now wants developers to pay an impact fee

Venice:  Calls for an independent auditor to review the cities shortfall of funds with the new Public Safety Center

Venice: The Public Safety Complex (police station) cost over runs are expected to exceed the budgeted money and in the end, cost the residents another $1.6 million

Video Report by Francesco Abbruzzino: Venice Is Financial Healthier, But It Is Making The Residents Poorer