Ron Feinsod

This page will mostly be blank. Why? Well there isn’t much out there because Ron has not done anything on local issues. He has been active with Indivisible, which many view as an extremist group. It is a bi-partisan race so I can’t get into his politics, but you can look on Facebook and it will be as clear as day. Below are some of the posting from their Facebook page, you will notice that most of the postings are from a national perspective and have nothing to do with Venice. That is because Ron and his organization has always been about national issues and not the problems that we face here in Venice.

There is this video, where Congressman Rooney is trying to attend a meeting and Ron will not let him pass, until he schedules a meeting to discuss Russian collusion.

Below is an article that I wrote, which illustrates one of my first encounters with Ron, where he sent someone to ask me to get out of the race because he is getting in and can win.