I have not heard from any communities or organizations, regarding any meet and greets or forums yet.  I can put down the status of one even that took place and another even that has contacted me but has not taken place yet.

Forums I Am Attending

I don’t plan on attending any debates because as a voter, I am not a fan of them. They end up being just a bunch of noise between the candidates that are trying to score points at the expense of their opponent. There are two forums that I may not be attending.

Forum or meet and greets that I am in participating in:

  • The League of Women Voters of Sarasota County – October 22, 2019 from 6:00 to 7:45 pm. The forum will be held in the Community Room of the William H. Jervey Jr. Venice Library.   There is a contingency because the format has not been established.  I did tell the organizer that if the format ends up being a debate style forum, then I will have to decline.   It is a format where candidates are given “X” minutes to tell the audience about themselves and their position on the issues, then I will be there.  I will live stream this forum at https://www.facebook.com/TheUncensoredScoopNews, then shared on other social media platforms, Youtube and my website.
  • Sawgrass Forum – September 26th at 6:30. The invite came from an individual that Bob Daniels has listed an individual that has endorsed him.   Since Dick moderated the last forum and is noted as endorsing Bob, I told him that I would attend, but I expect him to let the audience know about his endorsement of Bob, if he is involved in moderating or formulating any of the event questions.
  • River Club Community Association – October 1 at 5pm.

Forums I Am Not Attending

  • Sertoma Club of Venice, Venice-Nokomis Rotary and South County Tiger Bay at 12. I tried to move around a meeting with a client and I have not been able to, so at this time I have to pass on this event. I did notify Ed and I let him know that I will continue to work towards rescheduling my appointment w the client. If that happens, i will let them know, so that I can attend the event
  • Auburn Woods Meet and Greet I was not invited to this meet and greet. Not inviting me was not related to political parties because Bob, Joe and I are all in the same political party. I have advocated on behalf of Auburn Woods on many issues and I find it disturbing that the HOA leadership decided not to invite me.


Campaign Strategy Session (8.10.19) – I am meeting with a few individuals to work on a strategy that will result in winning this campaign, including possibly adding a Campaign Manager.


Hands Along the Water (7.29.19) – I filled out their questionnaire and decided to discuss my platform with them, even though I have reservations.   This is a group that knows of my involvement on environmental issues, but they have decided to jump into the political arena.   A group that I have helped to gain exposure for their work.  Here are my concerns

  • Some of their leadership have close ties to the party that I am not involved with and Indivisible, which is run my opponent, Ron Fiensod.
  • Their leader (Samantha Gelthrop) is a member of the consortium that asked me to step down, so that Ron Fiensod could run only gets Bob Daniels.
  • My understanding is that Sam favors Ron and I believe this is connected to her ties with the consortium and her extreme views that are inline with Indivisible.

I have basically told a couple of their board members that I am not seeking their endorsement because I have concerns with the above stated concerns. Also, I no longer feel that I can support their cause, under the leadership of Samantha Gelthrop and I have communicated to a few board members to take me out of their endorsement process.

Sierra Club (7.29.19) – I participated in their interview and I believe it went well on the local issues.   There was a couple disconnects, but nothing that would significantly impact their decision.  My concerns:

  • One of the three interviewers (Dan Lobeck) is a member of the consortium that asked me to step down, so that Ron Fiensod could run only gets Bob Daniels. Also, I noted that Dan showed up at the end of Ron’s interview, due to a meeting that ran late. I noted that Ron said that it was fine, since they have already talk. So, the whole process was already disrupted. I have sent Dan a few clients and supported his group that fights for sustainable growth. I very much like him as an individual, but I do have concerns based upon the above information.
  • Even though they proclaim to be bi-partisan, I think most of us know they lean to the left.   Based upon my world views, I am on the opposite side of the spectrum.   However, on local issues, I believe we are on the same page.

So, I am not expecting their support, but I decided to participate in their process.   It was a difficult interview, based upon how they had it structured and my relationship with some of the leadership. Below is my live stream, which I put out after our conversation.

My interview with the Sierra Club

This is Frankie Abbruzzino and I just finished an interview with the Sierra Club. They wanted to interview me regarding my stance on the environment and city growth. I did learn one thing today and that is the amount of nitrates in reclaimed water is very high and very difficult to filter out. Also, I have a follow up call with Hands Along the Water, so that they can ask me some questions as they decided which candidate they want to support. Some individuals have asked me why I am not out there campaigning. Well, there are rules in place, and we can't really campaign until late August. We can interview and attending meetings, but I have not seen to many invites. When we can campaign, I am not sure how much you will see from me, in terms of signs or mailers. I have not brought in a lot of donations and donations are needed to get the message out. You can donate by going to my site at http://www.FrankieAbbruzzino.com Disclaimer: Paid for by the Frankie S. Abbruzzino – Candidate For Mayor, City of Venice Campaign

Posted by Frankie S. Abbruzzino – Candidate For Mayor, City of Venice on Monday, July 29, 2019

Town Halls

I am not participating in the traditional Town Hall.   My concern is that an extremist element that supports one of my opponents, may show up and cause trouble.  This is not unfounded, since they have done this to people that I have interviewed in the past and made the mistake of publicizing the time and location of the interviews.

So, my town halls will be put out live on Facebook.   Then I will share them on my website, my Youtube site, and Twitter.   I will have a call-in number of 941.275.2884.

  • Digital Town Hall 6.22.19
  • There will be more town halls, so check back weekly

Meet and greets. I am very interested in appearing to these. If you are an HOA, reach out to me at fabbruzzino@yahoo.com. If you would like your HOA, club, or group to have me come out and speak, I encourage you to talk to them and reach out to me at fabbruzzino@yahoo.com. Also, I will be holding my own meet and greets, once I can find a location.

Forums I am passing on:

  • The Gondo. I am not sure if they will hold one this year. In the last election the Gondo chose not to let their readers know that they tried to get all the other media operations to come after me and shut down the Scoop. Also, that they threatened to file suits against me. Instead they wrote fictional articles half-truths regarding me, without letting their readers know of their actions. I am not sure if the new owners will carry on as the old, but their reporter Greg Giles has shown that he will, based upon a FOIA request that I wrote about a few weeks ago.
  • Debate. As I stated above, no interest in this format.

Forum or meet and greets that I was not invited to:

  • Auburn Woods Meet and Greet.  Well this one is easy.  I was not invited.   They did invite Bob Daniels, coincidentally it was about one week prior to an issue of theirs going before the city council.   They want a taller fence then the ordinance calls for, to separate their neighborhood from a new development.   Bob was advocating like a crazy man on their behalf.