I thought the best way to sum up where I stand on the issues, is to attach links to the different articles that I have written. The articles go back ten years, so I can’t put them all, so I will put some of the more recent articles over the past three years.

There is a reason why the developers are backing Bob Daniels and not me. I have fought for sustainable development for over ten years and will continue that fight for ten more. Regarding my other opponent Ron Feinsod, well he has no track record, due to limited involvement in local issues.


Fiscal Responsibility

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Frankie Abbruzzino’s Response to the Hands Along the Water Candidate Questionnaire

Venice:  Concern with the rapidly increasing traffic levels in Northeast Venice 

New request for the City of Venice to annex 80 acres for 204 homes at Border and Jacaranda

City of Venice to consider 300 new homes between Laurel Rd and Border Rd this Tuesday

Venice: Daniels and Holic are concern that the Land Development Regulations are going to slow and will not be up for a vote before the election, when Holice will not long be the Mayor and Daniels may no longer be on the Council

Venice City Council chastises the residents that don’t understand how great of a job they are doing

Chocolate milk: Sustainable Development, Environmentally Friendly Policies, and Fiscal Responsibility  

Mike Millers group will begin the demolition of Pineapples, to make way for his latest project in Venice

Concern continues to grow, with the proposed hotel on Venice Ave, across from the new police station

Video Report by Francesco Abbruzzino: Sarasota County, Venice, and North Port leaders discuss affordable housing and hurricane evacuation centers

Concern regarding inconsistencies on traffic data presented and traffic data developed by the City of Venice

Petition: No Hotel In Residential E. Venice Avenue Area, Venice, FL

Venice social butterfly and esteem member of the very powerful Planning Commission is involved in a controversial arrest by the VPD

Venice: An influential member of the community will not run for Mayor because the developers have chosen Bob Daniels over him

Venice:  Will the Planning Commission make changes to the mixed use verbiage, to turn Seaboard into a miniature Riverwalk?

City of Venice To Vote on Annexing 500+ acres at Special Council Meeting on April 30, 2019 Venice Tax Watch

Venice may annex 533 acres of County Land off Knights Trail Rd in North Venice for more development

Will Jeff Boone the architect of the Venice Comp Plan have the same integral role in developing the LDR’s?

Interest that the Level of Service (regarding roadway conditions) where the new Venice Sarasota Hospital is going, is an F and that is not a good thing

City of Venice needs to hire a consultant to see if collecting impact fees on new developments makes sense

The City Of Venice has a process to appeal the recent granting of a variance by the Planing Committee regarding the doubling of density of Cassata Place

What can actually be done to control growth in Venice given the number of ounty laws that allow for growth?

Venice:  Holic pulls the quasi-judicial card again to avoid talking about another variance request for a new development 

Venice:  A variance request for 28 villas next to the new police station, will go before the Planning Committee this week

Venice:  City Council is using smoke and mirrors blaming state laws for their votes to approve new home developments

Venice: Preliminary proposal on New Development Florida Friendly and Irrigation Management Regulations for new LDR’s

Venice Council Member (Helen Moore) explains where she stands on development to a constituent, stating that most unbridled growth is not within the city 

The Venice Planning Committee approves variances for another development, despite concerns from several residents and groups

Why Venice’s zoning and latest comp plan is not enforced.

Venice:  Residential opposition to Arcata Del Sol and their planned twenty homes along Venice Ave

Venice’s Urban Forest Is A Great Idea, To Bad The Developers Are Running The Show

Holic continues to use the quasi-judicial line to avoid responding to new development questions surrounding the planned hotel on Venice Ave 

Venice:  Boone will be pushing a new 116 multi-family unit project off of Hatchet Creek Blvd

This developer wants to change an area off of Jackson Rd in Venice from residential to ILW (light manufacturing) 

Over eight buildings on Venice and Miami Avenues have been bought up by Harold Caballeros, what are his plans?

Venice:  Mayor Holic – Almost all rezoning is optional and not an inherent right.

Venice:  Holic wants to use an email suggestion as the impetus to fly off to DC and restart a conversation to buy the post office for a new development

Residents continue to note their concern with the proposed hotel across the street form the new police station on Venice Ave

N. Venice Development between Border and Laurel Roads:  These are peoples’ dream retirement homes. Please do all you can to make that dream become the best it can be

Venice:  Councilman Bob Daniels put on his non-existent code enforcement hat this weekend

Neal plans on asking Venice to dump the previously approved workforce housing project in the Bridges, with Jeff Boone leading the charge

Venice City Council approves a new condo build out at Fisherman’s Wharf, legislative priorities, and more

Venice Mayor candidate Bob Daniels decides that a photo op with Pat Neal may not be a good idea, after my article covering it